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This Time, Iran Really Was Sending Humanitarian Aid

No, really. Iran's Press TV said so.

The New York Times reported that the Israeli Navy blocked Iran's humanitarian aid shipment from docking and unloading at the Gaza port facility.

The Israeli Navy intercepted an Iranian ship carrying humanitarian aid for people in Gaza, Iran's state-run radio reported Tuesday.

The Iranian ship was stopped 20 miles off the coast of Gaza, according to the radio report, which also said that the ship, carrying food and medicine, left the southern Iranian port of Bandar Abbas two weeks ago.

The ship had been set to arrive at the port of Gaza on Saturday, reported Press TV, the government network. Press TV said the ship passed though the Suez Canal on Friday and had been waiting for permission to enter Gaza.

The ship did not receive permission to pass through the Israeli embargo of Gaza, Ahmad Navab, an Iranian official in charge of the aid, told the radio station. He said efforts would be made to try to send the aid to Gaza through the Rafah crossing at the border of Egypt and Gaza.

Iran would like the world to receive this news as evidence of Israeli aggression and lack of concern for the well-being of Gaza's Palestinian civilians. Unfortunately, Iran's past 'humanitarian aid shipments' have had a strange habit of exploding inside Israel's borders.

Perhaps the Gambians supplied Hamas with Iranian missiles, rockets and the like. It could happen, you know.

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