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FireWatch: Live Podcasting Tonight on Gaza, GITMO, Iran and More

Just a bit of a programing note to alert readers that we will be Live Podcasting FireWatch tonight in its normally scheduled slot: Wednesdays, 11:00PM Eastern.

Tonight, hosts Steve Schippert and Marvin Hutchens will discuss the unfolding events in Gaza and what the future holds for Hamas there, the controversy surrounding the Executive Order to close the Guantanamo Bay prison facilities within the year, a less-than-friendly Yemeni regime awaiting the release of 94 al-Qaeda detainees from Gitmo cells, a letter from President Obama being drafted by the State Department to Ayatollah Khameini of the Iranian mullah regime and the dire situation in Somalia as the al-Qaeda-linked al-Shabab terrorists have unseated the unsupported Transitional Federal Government and declared sharia law in Baidoa.

Other topics may be discusses as well. A good barometer of potential discussion points can be found in recent DailyBriefings archives.

The listener call in number is (646) 716-4392, and ThreatsWatch readers are encouraged to call in and take part in the discussion with added viewpoints, questions and comment.

11PM EST Tonight: FireWatch (FW090128) - ThreatsWatch Radio

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