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Mumbai: Islamist Terror's New Modus Operandi

No sooner than I state that one should "[e]xpect the Mumbai tactics to be duplicated and replicated in large cities throughout the region when al-Qaeda affiliates launch attacks going forward," than I read my friend Olivier Guitta today in the Middle East Times calling Mumbai Islamist Terror's New Modus Operandi.

Mumbai, India's financial capital is now only barely waking up from its worst nightmare. Last week in simultaneous attacks, Islamist terrorists killed at least 195 people and injured another 300 during a 60-hour killing spree. The tactics used by the terrorists were different from the classical jihadist playbook. Does it mean that Mumbai-style attacks are the new jihadist modus operandi?

Olivier answers the rhetorical question with a resounding 'yes.' I violently agree, clearly.

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