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KSM To Plead Guilty at GITMO

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed has offered to plead guilty "in full" to charges against him and four of his followers regarding the planning and execution of the 9/11 attacks. From Bloomberg:

The five reached agreement to “announce our confessions and plea in full,” according to a document read in court by Judge Stephen Henley, an Army colonel.

“I do not trust Americans,” Mohammed, who has previously said he wanted to be martyred, told the judge today. He claimed the existence of an “agreement between Bush and CIA who tortured me,” and the court, though he didn’t explain what he meant.

Military prosecutors are seeking the death penalty against the five alleged Sept. 11 conspirators including Mohammed, who has said he organized the al-Qaeda attacks that killed almost 3,000 people in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania seven years ago. Relatives of five victims of the attacks sat in the gallery; it was the first time victims’ relatives were present in the courtroom with the terrorism defendants.

“Are you prepared to enter pleas to the charges against you today?” the judge asked Mohammed.

“Yes,” Mohammed responded.

The document read today in court was filed by all five defendants on Nov. 4 following a series of meetings among them.

“Our success is the greatest praise of the Lord,” the judge read from the document.

‘Without Any Pressure’

“All of these decisions are undertaken by us without any pressure or influence by Khalid Sheikh,” co-defendant Ali Abdul Aziz Ali told the judge. “What was said or will be said by Khalid Sheikh will be repeated by us, also.”

Seven years on, movement on the legal front.

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