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US Supply Line Hampered By Pakistani Truck Ban On Route

As reported in the Washington Post, the Pakistanis have once again banned fuel and cargo trucks from a main supply route due to attacks along the route by the Taliban and al-Qaeda. It's not the first time and will be temporary while some measure of security is once again restored. Long supply routes are the toughest points of defense and are necessarily preferred targets for enemy attacks.

At any rate, one passage within the Post's report raised an eyebrow and garnered a subtle chuckle.

Al-Qaida and Taliban fighters are behind much of the escalating violence along the lengthy, porous Afghan-Pakistan border, and both nations have traded accusations that the other was not doing enough to keep militants out from its side.

Come again? The Taliban and their al-Qaeda allies are behind "much" of the violence along the border? Who is behind the rest, the Philippine Moro Islamic Liberation Front and the Colombian FARC?

Just asking.

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