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Secretary of Defense McCain In Obama Administration?

Have you considered the possibility of Senator John McCain as Barack Obama’s Secretary of Defense? I must admit, I have not. But No Quarters blog says it has a source close to the situation that this is precisely the context of a meeting Monday between Obama and McCain in Chicago.

A source in Chicago informed me earlier today that John McCain will be meeting with Obama and his handlers tomorrow in Chicago in order to discuss the possibility of a Secretary of Defense appointment. That McCain will be in Chicago tomorrow is corroborated by an article London Times published one hour ago. The Times, however, claims McCain will most probably not be appointed to a Cabinet position. But he will be consulted on topics on which he and Obama have “common ground.” This certainly does not preclude the possibility of an appointment of McCain to Secretary of Defense.

Our source maintains that McCain will visit Chicago tomorrow in order to discuss the Secretary of Defense appointment. Even if Obama chooses not to appoint McCain to this position, it raises a series of questions:

Read the questions at No Quarter.

Thanks to The John Batchelor Show, where I heard it first.

Chew on that for a while.

UPDATE: It's worth noting that the No Quarters blog is the only source suggesting a McCain SecDef conversation, and tht nearly every other discussion has centered around Robert Gates being asked to stay - something that makes far more sense for several reasons. For whatever it is or isn't worth, the Washington Post this morning goes on about a Gates transition.

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The suggestion of a Sec-DOD McCain parallels that of a Sec-State Hillary Clinton. The template would be a "government of national unity." But such a template - which denies a place for a true opposition - is warranted only in a time of emergency. The nature of the emergency? Could be the financial crash. Or a not-made-public security threat. Or even a combination?

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