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Rumsfeld Revisionism?

Our friends at the Small Wars Journal look at the latest New York Times Op-Ed by Donald Rumsfeld and they - among others - ask, is this Rumsfeld Revisionism? They conclude, with others, in part that it certainly is.

The bottom line for Wehner (and we agree) is that there are a handful of individuals - including Jack Keane, Raymond Odierno, David Petraeus, Ryan Crocker, Fred Kagan, Stephen Hadley, and the President - who deserve credit for the turnabout. Rumsfeld is not one of them.

And I agree with Small Wars Journal in this regard, as well as with Peter Wehner and Herschel Smith.

And while critical on this point (and others not unrelated in the past) I do still, however, like Donald Rumsfeld a great deal for other reasons. Reasons such as the core principles on display in the below response offered at a Pentagon town hall meeting in September 2006.

To be sure, America is 'Not What’s Wrong With the World'.

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