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Revisiting the Chinese X-Ray Machine

The controversy over the Port of Los Angeles purchasing a cargo x-ray security device from a Chinese company (but actually through an American go-between) has continued. This device is intended to scan large commercial vehicles for potentially harmful materials and devices. This was covered October 20th in an earlier post titled When the Lowest Bidder is a Chinese Company

Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher whose Congressional District includes the Port of LA commented that "this contract should be declared null and void." In addition to media coverage of this sale (characterized by some people as "questionable"). perhaps the most revealing result of this is that Rapiscan, one of the two companies to lose out to the dramtically lower bid by Nuctech (the Chinese company), "has decided to save money by moving a portion of its own manufacturing to the People’s Republic of China."

Talk about unintended consequences. This issue probably isn't over. The real question is whether DHS and the new President will pay attention to the incongruity of a port security contract being awarded to a Chinese company.