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Mumbai Under Terrorist Siege

Islamic terrorists have launched an organized multi-faceted attack on Mubai, India. Ten locations have come under attack, including hotels, hospitals, a housing complex, bus stations, cafes and other locations. Latest figures indicate 85 known dead and approximately 200 wounded, figures sure to climb after control restored and buildings cleared of terrorists and their hostages.

The attack is ongoing and the situation is still fluid.

Shlok Vaidya said of the attack, "Think Manhattan under assault by jheavily armed small units with grenades, explosives and AK-47's." Mumbai is currently in a state of mayhem as security forces have scrambled to respond. Shlok has initial analysis of the Mumbai terrorist siege at India’s Naxalite Rage.

The Indian state has apparently decided to restart its very vulnerable railway system. This is decidedly a bad move because it is extremely vulnerable and has itself been a frequent target of attacks in the past. Order must be restored before such moves are made risking the public safety.

See also the live feed from IBN News' Live Streaming video coverage from India.

In keeping informed going forward, also include Shlok's Twitter feed for one of the best sources of rapid analysis, context and developments on the unfolding situation in Mumbai.

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