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Mumbai: Three Groups Targeted In Attacks

About 24 hours ago, John Batchelor posted Mumbai Pogrom fairly early in the news cycle, and noted "Unconfirmed Reports That Jews Were Targeted at Nariman House." We now can conclude, long after his original posting, that Jews were indeed targeted and not victims by chance.

I left the following note, which likely deserves its own post here as an analytical update.

Three target groups:

Indians - the Cama Hospital and nearby Railway station, as well as the drive-by shootings from hijacked police van. As well, any Indians along assorted paths to below targets.

Americans & Brits - Terrorists entered the Taj (and presumably Oderoi) specifically asking for Americans and Brits, bypassing others while searching the 5-Star hotel's 'target rich' guests.

Jews - The team that took the Nariman House did so simultaneously to the Taj, Oderoi and Railway/Cama hospital ops. It was not by chance during an interrupted egress.

This was a coordinated operation with primary mission of media force multiplier effect beyond India. Had it been about India, it would have included, perhaps nearly exclusively, systems: Power, water, fuel, railways (the system/tracks/cars rather than simple killing spree there).

Which means to me that the 'Deccan Muj' is an undeniably false front to put an Indian face on an external operation. Think 'The Fiction of Abu Omar al-Baghdadi'.

The taking of hostages spins some for a loop as they argue in folly whether AQ has/had a role. Matters only in the micro. In the macro, the blur displays the folly in any such argument at this point.

Keep in mind, the hostages were not taken for negotiating leverage. They were taken 1.) because they were American or British in (terrorists') best case scenario, and 2.) to prolong the siege on Mumbai to occupy multiple entire global news cycles with hot ongoing ops with the destructive power of a few dedicated suicidal maniacs on every television screen.

This was a Global PSYOP executed locally with live ammo. With Dead Indians and (intended anyway) American, British (and others) and Jew hostages to ensure prolonged Global exposure.

A Virginia father and his daughter are missing after the Mumbai attacks. They were with a religious group "hosting a meditation program at the Oberoi Hotel, one of the luxury hotels targeted by the Muslim militants."

Within minutes of leaving the comment above, John posted another update, NSG Nightmare Mumbai. In conclusion, he paraphrases Swati Parashar of the South Asia Analysis Group.

Just rage and mayhem and mass murder for no end. Yes, the effect will be to weaken the state, to drive it to fear and despair, but that is an indifference to the killers. These are not state actors. These are pure homicides who regard the innocent as aliens. They kill innocence to kill innocence. The nightmare scenario is that India will come to believe that the Mumbai nightmare is normal and acceptable and deserved. A global financial center stunned, frozen, undone by four dozen killers and accomplices who intend to keep killing until they are killed.

In the minds of the trigger pullers and bombers, yes, they are simply murderous beasts who "regard the innocent as aliens." But in the minds of those who trained and sent them, no. Their aim is greater. And their murderous foot soldiers know their roles.

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