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Down on the Border

The last week hasn't changed the situation on our southern border, and in fact, has brought continued brutality and violence. Yet, in the face of all of the bloodshed, there was a dose of exaggerated irony when a report on the local news revealed that a company in Mexico was selling bullet-proof designer clothes for those fearful of becoming targets of the drug war.

At Miguel Caballero, named after its Colombian owner, all the garments are bulletproof. There are bulletproof leather jackets and bulletproof polo shirts. Armored guayabera shirts hang next to protective windbreakers, parkas and even white ruffled tuxedo shirts. Every member of the sales staff has had to take a turn being shot while wearing one of the products, which range from a few hundred dollars to as much as $7,000, so they can attest to the efficacy of the secret fabric.

Politicians, businessmen, doctors and even a newspaper distributor are their customers. Members of upper class families are increasingly vulnerable to kidnappping for ransom and death threats. For some, though, even bullet-proof golf shirts aren't enough, but the sheer disregard for life and limb of the drug gangs sends a clear message to those of us too close to the border.

In the past few days, eight people have been murdered in Juarez Mexico in the Northern state of Chihuahua across the border from El Paso Texas. One victim had been beheaded with the body hung fro an overpass.

With the drug violence ramping up and the recent incursions across the border, a question could be asked if the "challenge" for the new Administration might not come from our southern border.

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