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Wither Defense: Expansion Is Dead

The critically needed expansion of the United States Military, which had already been set into motion as dictated by necessity, is dead - the first (and only governmental) casualty of the massive bailouts directed by Washington politicians.

The effective cost of the various bailout packages is that the expansion of the U.S. military that had been set in motion is now effectively dead. D-E-A-D.

That's the word in Washington that no one wants to talk about, proving once again that regardless of which party's administration sits atop the Executive, the military is the only federally mandated 'program' ever under consideration for real and meaningful cuts.

And it is alarming that the military has been the only source of budget cuts planned by presidential hopeful Barack Obama, who proposes in parallel additional government expansion virtually everywhere else by well over $1 billion. Republican candidate John McCain has not articulated specific departmental and program cuts and has made massive new spending proposals himself. Yet, he has made it clear that cuts would not come at the expense of the military and national security.

Your Defense Department is always the first - and seemingly often the only - governmental agency to feel meaningful budget cuts. Yet is that not the federal government's principle Constitutional charge?

Why, yes. It is.