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ThreatsWatch Radio Appearance: North Korea, Pakistan, and Surging Afghanistan

On 97.1 FM Talk - St. Louis, on Crane Durham's Nothing But Truth, we discussed the decision by the Administration to remove North Korea from the State Sponsors of Terrorism list; both from the perspective of the Administration's rationale as well as from our perspective that it is a misguided endeavor regardless. At the end of the interview, he asked for my personal assessment of the two current presidential candidates within a National Security context. While pointed, it is my personal assessment and not representative of ThreatsWatch or the Center for Threat Awareness. I stand confidently behind the assessment given, regardless.

[To download the interview audio, click here or right-click, then select 'Save Target As'.]

In last week's segment, Crane Durham and I discussed developments in Pakistan. I offered my assessment of a way forward in terms of applying aspects of the Iraq Surge which are applicable to Afghanistan and Pakistan, as well as acknowledging what isn't applicable (primarily social, religious and cultural differences between Afghan/Pak Pashtuns and Arab Sunnis of Iraq) and learning how to develop better cultural understanding as we did in Anbar and the rest of Iraq.

[To download the interview audio, click here or right-click, then select 'Save Target As'.]

I will get better at posting a note with a link before we go to air on Sundays, as the segment is Crane's regular first segment on Nothing But Truth and often extends beyond as developments and discussions warrant. Our thanks to Crane for sharing his air time for such discussions. He's a good man - and he gets it.