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Think Tank 0.2: Ties That Bind

We continue to make our own tasks measurably more difficult. In essence, it is no different than Congress and a past president mandating the mortgage industry to make risky loans to under-qualified buyers in their oversight and then convincing the American people more Congressional oversight and spending is necessary to clean up the mess of failure in its wake.

So too we act self-defeatingly regarding Iran. Again. Men who say such untruths as below do not have at heart American interests.

"Unfortunately, a large part of the problems between Iran and the U.S. are not based in reality, but are based on myths. The problem of terrorism is a true myth. Iran has not been involved in any terrorist organization. Neither Hezbollah, nor Hamas are terrorist organizations…."

Yet, that is exactly what Rutgers Professor Houshang Amirahmadi said. Why is that important?

Because Amirahmadi is the first director of The American Iranian Council, a think tank which "was given a license to establish a presence in Tehran by the US Treasury Department. "

It's simply unbelievable. There is no logic to it. There are explanations. But there is no logic.

Ahmadinejad and Nasrallah themselves have each bragged at the level of support Iran gives Hizballah in Lebanon, including braggadocio about restoring its missile counts higher than in 2006 when they were loosed on Israeli cities and civilian populations. Iranian support for Hamas, in arms, explosives, ammunition, training and cash is no guarded secret. In fact, it has funneled through Hizballah at times.

Either the Rutgers professor has an otherworldly definition of terrorism, or he denies that Hizballah and Hamas or terrorist groups, or he is woefully under-informed.

On the other hand, perhaps it better he take residence in Tehran than so nearby 'teaching' university students at Rutgers in New Jersey.