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Muqtada And Iran's Forming Iraqi Hizballah

I've said this before here at ThreatsWatch, and have suggested the same today at The Tank on National Review Online. Muqtada al-Sadr, from Iran, has laid down the Mahdi Army's arms not due to any genuine change of heart or admonition of violence. Rather, Iran has determined the best path to an Iraqi Hizballah foreign legion is first through political legitimacy, and then the force of terrorism. Too few recognize what's going on here.

Most reports that covered Muqtada al-Sadr made note that he had "given up arms" and chosen to instead have his "Mahdi Army" join the Iraqi political process. And they just left it at that, apparently uninterested in or disoriented by what has really been going on: The patient Iranian establishment of the next Hizballah.

Iran had to find a use for their well-sired little drug addict. Running anything to any degree referred to as an army was out. To put it bluntly, he was a load. But he was still his father's son, a very influential figure among Iraq's Shi'a. After yanking him out of Iraq, lest he screw things up any worse, they have found his utility.

The guise of laying down arms to join the Iraqi political process is an internationally acceptable cover for forging the next Hizballah, a terrorist organization that fronts itself as a political party and provider of social services. The Lebanese Hizballah started out as a terrorist organization and the original masters of not only suicide truck bombings, but simultaneous suicide truck bombings. But because of the dominant presence of American combat power and allied Iraqi forces, Iran's implementation of another foreign legion requires the opposite approach: political organization and governmental legitimacy first.

Then, once the Americans are no longer the lethal impediment that we are currently, the arms will return bigger and more lethal than ever, with the master right next door.

Muqi is a buffoon, a spoiled daddy's boy who reminds no one of the leadership of his father — who was not a terrorist. But due to his lineage and inherited position, Iran has seen fit to utilize him as the public face of what we will one day call the Iraqi Hizballah, another extension of the messianic Iranian regime.

Just wait until we leave. Iran is waiting. You won't see it overtly before then.