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When the Media Says Too Much

Frankly, if we're going to be serious about fighting this War on Terrorism, we also need to start getting serious about keeping certain types of information out of the public domain.

U.S. officials also told The Times that the new surveillance systems allow the operators of the unmanned Predators to locate and identify individual human targets "even when they are inside buildings. ... The technology gives remote pilots a means beyond images from the Predator's lens of confirming a target's identity and precise location."

This comes on the heals of a revelation made by Bob Woodward and his book, "The War Within: A Secret White House History 2006-2007." This is opinion. But I'm not talking about censorship. I'm talking about discretion.


No. It would be one thing if USG was equipped and configured to fight GWOT. In other words- competent.

But USG has shown a remarkable ability to suck at preserving its sole reason of existence.

The more information the masses have, the better. We are largely on our own, and we are empowered by every iota of information.

Not being in the dark is about the extent of what we can do.And we will. As we should.

I just came across that LA Times piece via SWJ, and as an Info Ops guy, I've got a different take than you. I have no idea if the intended audience of this link is AQ itself, but it's plausible. Whatever our capabilities, if AQ leadership thinks we've got newfangled means of finding them, then maybe they'll move around more and make a mistake in the process.

No, there is certain information that does not belong in the public domain.

No, I disagree that the USG "sucks" at its "sole reason" for existence.

No, there is certain information on certain subjects that have no place in the hands of the masses.