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Time Just Isn't Right...

Filed under "You Don't Say," Rice says 'Time isn't right' for US-Russia nuke deal.

Now is not the right time for the U.S. to move forward on a once-celebrated deal for civilian nuclear cooperation with Russia, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Saturday.

Her comment increased speculation that President Bush is planning to punish Moscow for invading Georgia, a former Soviet republic, by canceling the agreement. Such a move is being planned, according to senior Bush administration officials, but is not yet final.

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Punishing Russia? The article itself writes that the U.S. would have had access to modern Russian civilian reactor technology. America hasn't built a new nuclear power plant since the `70s. A generation of American nuclear power engineers has retired without replacement. Congress has stalled on where in the U.S. to store spent but radioactive nuclear fuel. Russia would have accepted the hazardous material when, during the Yeltsin years, it needed cash badly. But now the Kremlin is flushed with money. Rice's statement "now is not the time" suggests regret that an opportunity has passed us by.