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Russia's Scorched Earth Georgia Withdrawal

Michael Totten tells the story with prose and photos of The Scorching of Georgia, Russia's destruction of Georgia including setting its mountain forests ablaze. It is literally a scorched earth withdrawal, a tactic perfected by the Russians in the face of German invasion forces during World War II.

The air smelled strongly of smoke from burning wood, and the fires were in a strange state. I've seen many forest fires in my home state of Oregon. We get them every year. This is not what they look like. Forest fires, whether they were started by lightning, human negligence, or arson, tend to be large single infernos. Individual fires burned all over the place near Borjomi.

Had this been a United States operation, the global exposure and resultant outrage would be deafening. But it was not. And thus, it is not.

(With thanks to Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit.)