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Hollow State at Home?

John Robb lays out a disturbing scenario:
The modern nation-state is in a secular decline, made inevitable by the rise of a global market system. Even developed nations, like the US, are not immune to this process. The decline is at first gradual and then accelerates until it reaches a final end-point: a hollow state. The hollow state has the trappings of a modern nation-state ("leaders", membership in international organizations, regulations, laws, and a bureaucracy) but it lacks any of the legitimacy, services, and control of its historical counter-part. It is merely a shell that has some influence over the spoils of the economy. The real power rests in the hands of corporations and criminal/guerrilla groups that vie with each other for control of sectors of wealth production. For the individual living within this state, life goes on, but it is debased in a myriad of ways.

Like all of John's writing it is worth a full read.

This is not going to happen here, tomorrow, but that it happens period is not out of the question. One need only look at the mayhem wrought by narco-gangs on what passes for a state just to our south, or any of the other examples John sites to know that it happens.

What is your primary loyalty and how will you defend it? Are you an American first and will you cling to whatever form the government takes and functions it affords regardless of the changes to your life, liberty and property; or will you join the retrograde movement down through regional, ethnic and familial bonds that were whittled away at the start of the last century? Perhaps more importantly, would the real threat to the US be - in the midst of such a scenario - the current state forcing us to participate in its decline with the full force and power at its disposal?

Food for thought.