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Gul: Truth In The Absence of Criticism

While on the subject of Hamid Gul: Al-Qaeda's Man In Pakistan, consider this from the good general in the Washington Times regarding the Marriott bombing.

But reports that the government had received intelligence information of an attack in the capital two days earlier had many in Islamabad and elsewhere in the country enraged.

"The intelligence agencies had done their bit. Their job is to gather the information, and they had done this" said retired Gen. Hamid Gul, former director-general of the nation's intelligence agency. "The failing is on the part of the government, and it´s a huge and shameful failing."

Gen. Gul, who was instrumental in forming the Afghani Taliban in the 1990s, says the police and other security agencies were so busy in arranging protection for President Asif Ali Zardari´s first address to the parliament that they had ignored the security of the ordinary public.

Pakistan has limited resources, he said. "And when we dedicate these resources to over-protecting one man or a few VIPs, then the result is going to be underprotection of the rest of the city."

Yes. Secular government bad, compromised/infested intelligence agencies good.

Before the objective among us attempt to explain ways in which General Gul may 'have a point,' let's note for the record the complete absence - ever - of criticism of Taliban or al-Qaeda terrorists for murdering those in their path, the very people Hamid Gul seeks to insinuate championing with supposed interests in their own security.

Gul has no 'point.' He has a vision. It's called a global caliphate beginning with a Gul-lead and al-Qaeda-owned Pakistan.

Pay attention. It's free.