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Convicted Bali Terrorists: Firing Squad Is Torture

In my e-mail this morning, a curious article:

Bali bombers call infamous militia leader to testify - The Age

IN A constitutional challenge to their death penalties, the Bali bombers will call notorious militia leader Eurico Guterres — the only person jailed over the murderous rampage in 1999 against East Timorese independence supporters — to testify that shooting people is torture.

Speaking after the challenge began yesterday, the bombers' lawyer, Adnan Wirawan, said Mr Guterres would give evidence next week because "he is the person who has seen people get shot".

Mr Guterres wanted to testify and "he will speak about his experience during the East Timor war when defending Indonesia", Mr Wirawan said.

In a last-ditch attempt to avoid execution, the bombers are claiming firing squads commit torture and are unconstitutional.

OK, fine. So blow them up instead. That seems to be well within their ethical wheelhouse.