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Afghanistan Raid: 3 Arrested Over 'Massacre'

Nearly one month ago, a US airstrike on a position within Afghanistan resulted in dozens of deaths. The US was certain that Taliban members were killed. That was, after all, the intelligence they acted on. Locals and the Afghan government decried it as a "massacre" by Americans on civilians.

As it turns out, they were both right. The dead were civilians, and the US was acting on intelligence provided about Taliban locations. Why? Because one Afghan clan decided to use false intelligence given to the US forces to settle a local score against another clan.

But while you heard nearly incessantly about accusations of an American "massacre," you are far less likely to see the apparent truth coming to light in your local front page headlines.

You should know the following, reported by Reuters.

Afghan police have arrested three men on suspicion of giving false information which led to the death of civilians in a U.S. air strike in western Afghanistan last month, the interior ministry said on Friday.

Anger has mounted over the Aug. 22 raid in the village of Azizabad in western Herat's Shindand district in which the Afghan government says more than 90 people, mostly women and children, were killed, an allegation backed by the United Nations.

The U.S. military, which said 30 to 35 militants were killed, plans to reopen the investigation after a cellphone video emerged showing bodies of people said to have been killed in the strike.

"After examining all the police reports and direct claims made by people in the area, three suspects who are said to be key people in giving false information regarding the bombardment of Azizabad, have been arrested in a police operation," the Afghan interior ministry said in a statement.

Villagers said earlier that an Afghan had fed false information about the presence of Taliban in the area to the coalition forces, leading to the raid.

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