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Domestic Gitmo-ization

Activists in Denver are aghast at a “secret” prison being built to house potential arrestees during the upcoming Democratic National Convention. Naturally there is nothing secret about it, and given the very real possibility of violence (references to the DNC Convention in Chicago forty years ago have been made), activists are equally aghast that local law enforcement might actually take law and order seriously.

I don’t know what the jail capacity in Denver is, but I’m fairly sure that it is not capable of housing - even temporarily - the dozens if not hundreds of people who may fall into a police cordon or - rightly or wrongly - get caught up in a mass detention a’la Washington DC. A temporary holding area (or “jail” if one prefers) only makes sense; unless activists would prefer a black hole of Calcutta on the Platte instead?

Some people can appreciate the concerns on both sides and understand reality; others not so much.