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Torture In Palestinian Jails?

The cynical reaction is to cry out, “Say it isn’t so.” But this ABC News report says it is.

Two human rights groups on Monday decried widespread torture of political opponents by bitter Palestinian rivals Hamas and Fatah, and Associated Press interviews with three victims and a doctor backed the reports of abuse.

The findings emerged as the two sides carried out fresh arrest sweeps in the West Bank and Gaza — highlighting deep tensions in the Palestinian territories after a flare-up in violence over the weekend.

In the West Bank on Monday, the security forces of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas rounded up more than 50 suspected Hamas supporters, including mosque preachers and intellectuals, in retaliation for a similar sweep of Fatah loyalists in Gaza, set off by a bombing that killed five Hamas members Friday.

[Editor’s Note: There are no known US Forces running Palestinian detention facilities in the West Bank or Gaza, a past barometer of how widely the reporting can be expected to reach. Further, the relatively safe practice of waterboarding is not known to be administered in said facilities, as it is by US trainers in various American Special Forces training regimens.]