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Spam - Not Just for Lunch

Computer security is one of the more important and volatile areas of security. Hopefully, you run a secure computer and take every opportunity to protect yourself and the people you know from spam and malware. A new report from Message Labs reveals that if you want to avoid being spammed, your best option is to move from Illinois (if you live there).

The ten most spammed states are:

  • 1. Illinois
  • 2. South Dakota
  • 3. Oregon
  • 4. New Hampshire
  • 5. Wisconsin
  • 6. North Carolina
  • 7. Indiana
  • 8. Texas
  • 9. Pennsylvania
  • 10. Alabama
In June 2008, the global ratio of spam in email traffic from new and previously unknown bad sources, was 76.5% (1 in 1.31 emails), a decrease of 0.3% on the previous month.

You can see a map of this here

Maybe even more scary is that 1 in every 134 emails in June contained malware. Web borne computer threats are on the increase, and it remains true that as you or your company enhance your protection, it makes everyone else who is less vigilant more susceptible to the threat.

Please protect yourself, because the computer that you save, could be mine (even though I run redundant security on my computer, but I think that you get the point).