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RunThat By Me Again?

Is it me, or does it sound like the highest ranking terrorist currently in US detention has approval/denial rights over images created by courtroom artists?

K.S.M. was not pleased. During a break in the proceedings, Hamlin saw Mohammed gesturing in disapproval as he examined her work. “They said, ‘Um, listen, K.S.M. doesn’t want to O.K. this,’ ” she recalled. “He says, ‘The nose is wrong, and tell the artist to go get my F.B.I. picture off the Internet and use that as a reference to fix it. ’ ” So began an hour-long process in which Hamlin was escorted to the media tent, where she printed out an image before returning—“always the gate, the search, the wand”—to make reparations.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed "doesn’t want to O.K. this"? There is a wholly appropriate response to this, but its candor and color is simply inappropriate for this site.

Much more of this and our civilian courts' rolling decisions and there will inevitably be those (in military as well as intelligence services) who adopt an unspoken "take no prisoners" approach in the field.

Why bring them from a hot battlefield to a cold one where they enjoy significant advantage and potentially access to intelligence data, not to mention the right to disapprove a courtroom artist's drawing?

Make sense of that.