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Pak PM to Bush: We Are "Fighting The War For Ourselves"

The Australian quotes Pakistani Prime Minister Gilani warning President Bush against attacks on al-Qaeda inside Pakistan. His chosen words are wont for substantive evidence of effective actions and tangible results.

Speaking immediately after his meeting with the US President, Mr Gilani said: “This action should not have been taken by the United States. It’s our job because we are fighting the war for ourselves.”

If the missile strike was proven to have been a US operation, it would be a violation of Pakistani sovereignty, he said.

“Basically, Americans are a little impatient. Therefore in the future I think we’ll have more co-operation on the intelligence side and we’ll do the job ourselves,” Mr Gilani said.

Much to say here, with no shortage of direct challenge to the notion proffered by the Pakistani prime minister. For now, it must suffice to say that in “fighting the war for themselves,” Pakistan’s professional military has been somewhat decisively defeated on the battlefield by the Taliban-al-Qaeda alliance, and the more localized paramilitary Frontier Corps forces have been thoroughly infiltrated by the Taliban and local Taliban-sympathetic men.

There are many ways for the Pakistani government to “fight the war for themselves.” I suppose that’s a way.

The subject of the ‘peace accords’ establishing safe haven for terrorists and insurgents has not even been factored in yet. Nor has the issue of Pakistan exclusively acting on intelligence shared with the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence agency (ISI) - the same outfit which largely built and in many quarters still supports the Taliban and al-Qaeda.

Much more to come and soon. It will be neither a fun nor a pleasant exercise, but one that appears necessary.