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NWFP Provincial Gov't Rejects Taliban Ultimatum

Pakistan’s DAWN newspaper has published another NWFP politician publicly rejecting Baitullah Mehsud’s ultimatum.

PESHAWAR, Pakistan, July 18 (PPI): NWFP Senior Minister and parliamentary leader of ANP Bashir Ahmad Bilour Friday reiterated the firm pledge of his government that it will not resign nor become hostage to any group. “Rather peace and security in all settled areas of the province including Hangu will be ensured while Swat peace agreement will be implemented in letter and spirit,” he maintained. He made the comments while talking to various delegations which lauded the steps of the provincial government for peace and security in the region, adding that no government could think of using force against its own people but also could not tolerate its writ being challenged.

The problem with senior minister Bashir Ahmad Bilour’s argument that “no government could think of using force against its own people,” is that it simply cannot stand when a not insignificant number of “its own people” are using force against that very government. It may not be a pleasant choice to make, but it is the choice before Pakistan - one which its internal enemies have thrust upon it.