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Monday, Bloody Monday

Today’s DailyBriefing (July 28, 2008 Archives) skims the surface of developments, but a wave of terrorist attacks globally seems underway. While not pointing to a definitive ‘start point,’ since last week’s blasts in Bangalore, India, there has been a wave of bombings from Istanbul, to Baghdad, and from Ahmadabad, India to Yemen.

If most of these are not coordinated in some manner of men agreeing to a wave of terror, it is a striking coincidence with no singular event, conflict or grievance connecting them beyond the common aims of the greater radical Islamist terrorist sentiments.

Though it has taken place over the span of a few days, many Westerners are likely to wake to a new work week greeted by news of separate bombings in separate locales by different groups on the same Monday morning. For them, today will be Monday, bloody Monday.

UPDATE: With littel commentary at the moment, readers should be aware of the following.

&bul; New York Jihad Birthday Invitations Warn of Terror Threat In Lower Manhattan - National Terror Alert

The only comment I will offer at the moment (pressed for time) is that the nature of the warning and the imagery is inconsistent with that employed by Islamist terrorist groups in the past. Very much so. Viewed here with much skepticism as to stated and actual source. More to come as time avails.