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Al-Qaeda Shifting Resources To Pakistan

In explaining increased Taliban-al-Qaeda activity in Pakistan and Afghanistan in recent months, we’ve been saying this for some time now. Today, General Petraeus says so publicly: Al-Qaeda has been shifting its resources to the relative safety of Pakistan for operations from there rather than investing more in Iraq, where the terrorists have been getting hammered.

Senior leaders of al-Qaeda may be diverting fighters from the war in Iraq to the Afghan frontier area, the top American commander in Iraq told the Associated Press on Saturday.

Gen. David Petraeus also said al-Qaeda may be reconsidering Iraq as its highest priority war front.

“There is some intelligence that has picked this up,” he said in the interview in his office at the U.S. Embassy along the Tigris River. “It’s not solid gold intelligence,” he added, stressing that the reliability of the information has not been confirmed.

Nonetheless, he cited the signs as part of a broadly positive review of conditions in Iraq, where al-Qaeda fighters have been driven almost entirely from Baghdad and pummeled in other urban areas.