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Worse, Not Better

In the long run, I think this is going to mean bad news:

In order to declare jihad, Fadl writes, certain requirements must be observed. One must have a place of refuge. There should be adequate financial resources to wage the campaign. Fadl castigates Muslims who resort to theft or kidnapping to finance jihad: “There is no such thing in Islam as ends justifying the means.” Family members must be provided for. “There are those who strike and then escape, leaving their families, dependents, and other Muslims to suffer the consequences,” Fadl points out. “This is in no way religion or jihad. It is not manliness.” Finally, the enemy should be properly identified in order to prevent harm to innocents. “Those who have not followed these principles have committed the gravest of sins,” Fadl writes.

A theory to consider - if you are thinking that those down with AQ are theo-philosophically inclined - is that big stuff is no longer legit. That it increases you chances of detection and detention notwithstanding, the only way big stuff works is if you send a Zeppelin into Charlotte Motor Speedway. The only way to kill "legitimate" targets is to get up close and personal to legitimate targets.

You do not want to know what that looks like; we are not prepared to discuss, much less react to that scenario . . .