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Senate Intel Report and Swiss Cheese

At The Weekly Standard, Tom Joscelyn's latest article Harboring al Qaeda demonstrates ' What the new Senate Intelligence Report says about Saddam's hospitality." There has been a lot written about the latest Senate Intelligence Report in the past week, but I think Tom boils it all down effectively, noting that the report even contradicts itself in a partisan effort to lay another stone in the foundation that seems intent on supporting a future punitive process against members of the current administration under a potential Democrat-run legislative and executive branches of the federal government.

It is not overly lengthy, but the money graphs (in my humble view) are below:

Despite all of these findings, however, the myth that Zarqawi and other al Qaeda operatives lived in Saddam's neo-Stalinist state without receiving at least the dictator's tacit support has lived on. But now, even in a partisan report designed to attack the Bush administration's credibility, the Senate Intelligence Committee has admitted that Bush and his officials were right to argue that Saddam was harboring al Qaeda fugitives. Both prewar and postwar intelligence assessments confirm their view.

But no one should take the Senate Intelligence Committee's word one way or another on these issues. In fact, the only reason that we know the committee got the story of Saddam's safe haven for al Qaeda members right is because so many other sources have already confirmed it. And while the Senate Intelligence Committee got this issue right, it got many others wrong. The report is not even internally consistent and the committee simply ignored numerous pieces of information that got in the way of some of its conclusions.

Insofar as this representing another stone in a foundation for future legal/punitive process against the current administration - including 'war crimes' charges - such is not a far-flung speculation. Presidential candidate Senator Barrack Obama has spoken recently of his potential administration immediately looking into 'war crimes' that may have been committed by its predecessor administration. Former Democrat presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich has just introduced formal impeachment articles to Congress against President Bush.

And the Senate Intelligence Report, in its blatant disregard for self-contradiction in facilitating its utilization to potentially support such aims - its own content poking holes in the proffered conclusions like Swiss cheese - is an embarrassing example of the politicization of the intelligence community, process and 'oversight.' This committee needs 'oversight.'


Will anyone listen, however? Therein lies the great unknown. After offering an inarticulate rebuttal-- "freeing the Iraqi" people"-- or, more regularly, no rebuttal at all, the administration effectively ceded the "narrative" of the war to a factually obstinate "anti-war" clique (in and of itself a misnomer, in that NO ONE wants war) in and out of Washington DC. Detailing Iraq-AQ PRE-WAR connections now, however factually accurate, will not undo the years long failures of the Bush admin to defend the original rationale for the war.

No matter the reality of the conflict, pragmatism must win the day. Adding volume does not diminish the overall weight of a report, though mixing in conflicting ingredients may render it unpalateable and useless for its purpose. There are many hungry dogs around it seems, it would be a shame to prepare a meal meant to feed the security and wellbeing of a country, for them.

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When you have a press that is literally in lockstep with the Dems on nearly everything (just look at them parroting John Kerry and giving his comments on McCain endless coverage) AND a GOP president who is linked most closely to the invasion not willing to stand up the information and hearts and minds campaign is an increasingly steep uphill battle.