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Sanity on Surveillance

From the White House comes this reminder:

Today, the Senate could consider amendments that would strip or weaken the retroactive liability protection provided by the bipartisan FISA modernization bill that passed the House by an overwhelming vote of 293 to 129. Failure to pass the liability protection contained in the House bill for companies that assisted our intelligence professionals after the 9/11 attacks will undermine our partnership with the private sector. Such cooperation is essential to protecting the country from another terrorist attack. The Senate should pass the bipartisan House legislation so our intelligence professionals can better protect Americans from foreign threats.

Its not new, its not news, its not something ACLU and EFF can't figure out why people don't care about their campaign for personal solitude. I'll tell you why: it gets them $.50 off Apple Jacks. As if the NSA had tens of thousand of people doing nothing but listening in on your party line. There is an intelligence agency that does that, its called the Ministry of State Security.

Years later, here we are criticizing firms who in the heat of battle, back when no one knew much of anything except that we had baddies in the wire (so to speak), opted to do what sounded reasonable at the time. It was not knee-jerk, it was not CHAOS, it was not COINTELPRO, it was not Manzanar, and it was not Kristallnacht . . . it IS about time we passed this legislation.