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Radio: Talking North Korea and Diplomacy

A guest on Crane Durham's Nothing But Truth radio show in St. Louis Sunday evening, we discussed the developments surrounding North Korea and President Bush's decision to remove them from the State Sponsors of Terrorism list as a reward for their (incomplete) cooperation on the nuclear front.

[To download the interview audio, click here or right-click, then select 'Save Target As'.]

Key points made in the discussion were that North Korea was sponsoring state sponsors of terrorism (Iran, Syria) by jointly building the plutonium facility in northern Syria while the 6-Party talks that netted the NoKor concessions were going on; that credible diplomacy requires give and take, but the removal from the State Sponsors list is far too great a reward for the incomplete cooperation thus far; that in our initial reactions (mine included), many were too critical of the President's decision to reward North Korea (with exception of criticizing the specific decision to remove them from "The List"); and that warfare is conducted against us on many levels beyond kinetic combat, and we require all segments of the federal government to be engaged as well as a more informed civilian American society.

Readers may question or wonder what I mean in saying "many were too critical of the President's decision." With the total runtime (with breaks edited out) about 28 minutes, these readers may like to skip to the 19:00 mark for my rationale.

Thanks to Crane Durham and 97.1 FM TALK - St. Louis for the invitation to discuss. The station's motto is "younger. smarter. better." They do a good job at that and as such it's always great conversation.