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Germany To Increase Troops In Afghanistan By 1000

Yes, this is good. But the issue is far less the number of NATO troops (including Germany's) and more their operational orders (including Germany's).

Defence Minister Franz Josef Jung has asked for 1,000 more German troops to strengthen the International Security Assistance Force serving in the north of Afghanistan. Jung said the government wanted to raise the number of troops to 4,500 this autumn. A parliamentary mandate for German troops operating in Afghanistan foresees a maximum of 3,500 non-combat troops. That mandate expires in October and any changes are subject to approval by the German parliament. Germany has been under pressure from NATO partners to bolster its troop contingent in Afghanistan and deploy troops to the south to help battle Taliban insurgents.

I really don't mean to crab when we should all cheer, but an increase in the number of troops ordered to avoid actual combat is far less effective than any numerical increase will ever suggest. Perhaps an adjustment in operations and German rules of engagement may follow.