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Stunned Silence

Kathryn observes polling data on American views regarding Iran. The following figure from Rasmussen Reports. should be absolutely stunning.

Sixty-two percent (62%) believe that Iran sponsors terrorist activities against the United States. Only 6% disagree and 32% are not sure.

32% are "not sure" if Iran sponsors terrorist activities against the United States? I don't even have a reaction at the moment. I am simply stunned.


Surveys being what they are. I'm not all that shocked. Of course, I'm pretty certain that at least that many people haven't got a clue about anything that's going on in the world. In addition, I doubt if those people read blogs, let alone ThreatsWatch or others like it.

I guess what I mean is discussed in this article from Outside the Beltway, Journalism in a Post-Literate Society.

To me the answer would depend very much on your interpretation of the words the "United States". Are we talking territorialy, nationality wise, in terms of military presences outside the US etc. Each has its own response maybe.

I tnd to Renshaw's view that it depends on the meaning of United States.