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Al-Qaeda's Ayro Killed in US Strike in Somalia

As reported by the New York Times:

Aden Hashi Ayro, one of Al Qaeda’s top agents in East Africa and the leader of the Islamist comeback in Somalia, was killed Thursday morning by an American airstrike, according to American and Somali officials.

Mr. Ayro was one of the most feared and notorious figures in Somalia, a short, wispy man believed to be in his 30s who had gone from lowly car washer to top terrorist suspect blamed for a string of atrocities, including ripping up an Italian graveyard, killing a female BBC journalist and planning suicide attacks all across Somalia.

He was a military commander for the Shebab, an Islamist militia which the American government recently classified as a terrorist group.

Somalia officials said his death could be a key turning point in defeating the Islamists, who have seized several towns in recent weeks, and in bringing peace to the country.

This is a very significant terrorist target liquidated on his chosen battlefield.

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Mr. Robow, an al-Shabab spokesman, has been quick to remind "This incident will cause a lot of problems to US interests in the region and the governments that support the US,by that I mean its allies who are puppets" (referring to Ethiopia) "I am letting the citizens of the US and the allies know they are not going to be safe in this area" (BBC). Maybe it is not the sort of place we might go for a picnic, though obviously a fair reminder to those who may have forgotten.