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Yet More Power and Clarity in Lebanon

Yesterday we noted Power and Clarity in Lebanon when Hizballah stormed a security checkpoint and sprung two arrested Hizballah members. Today, another example of yet more power and clarity.

Hizbullah partisans on Thursday attacked and kidnapped a policeman in south Beirut, in the second such development in as many days, security sources reported.
The sources said the policeman was investigating an illegal construction site in the suburb of Ghadir when he was beaten up by two local residents.

Hizbullah members drove in, kidnapped the officer and whisked him to a Hizbullah office where he was illegally interrogated by party officials on activities of the police force.

The policeman told his superiors later that Hizbullah officials set him free only because he is Shiite.

Running the show in southern Lebanon and throughout much of Beirut, Hizballah remains the most highly motivated and militarily capable armed force in the Middle East outside Israel's IDF. That Hizballah is a terrorist organization with lifelines from Tehran doesn't seem to concern many as much as perhaps it should.

The beat goes on.