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Surge the Bulldogs

Nile Gardiner at the Heritage Foundation writes on the Battle for Basra and logically concludes that Britain Should Launch a Troop Surge in Iraq. Of course, he's as correct as he is aware that this is simply not going to happen.

After all, the initial reaction is to quip that Britain is no - dare one say it - France. Sarkozy has ordered 1,000 more troops to Afghanistan in support of the NATO mission there. But before anyone gets too carried away with the 'New France,' the old France reminded that while it may not have the presidency, it has not gone anywhere either. For as Sarkozy has indeed ordered French troops into Afghanistan, French political opposition to the fight against al-Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan has theforced Sarkozy to deploy the French troops into quieter Afghan areas in the east rather than where they are most needed, in support of the Canadians fighting around Kandahar and Helmand in the south.