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Needing A Breather

Daily readers have noticed the absence of current DailyBriefings this week. For that I apologize, but they will return soon. There is much afoot behind the scenes with ThreatsWatch contributors and the directors at the Center for Threat Awareness. Much that has yet to make published appearance, such as a move to Washington, DC, the building of another Special Report, and various other projects as yet unpublished or unreleased.

For me personally, the candle burns at both ends as it does for so many. The key to sustaining both pace and quality - as well as an always increasing understanding on the hyper-paced security landscape - over the long haul is to recognize when batteries need recharging and do precisely that. Failure to recognize and acknowledge this early is what leads to burnout, chronic exhaustion and all the failures that accompany these unproductive conditions. So I am stepping away for the remainder of the week to catch my breath, rest and maintain.

ThreatsWatch will not necessarily be gathering dust, as other contributors will continue to post interesting items here in RapidRecon section and perhaps elsewhere. But the DailyBriefing will be directly affected by my short break. With many readers coming specifically for that regular product each morning, I wanted to explain its recent (and short-lived) static nature. As soon as Friday and no later than Monday, DB production will be back to normal, and production elsewhere enhanced.


If you will allow me to add that the contribution of CTA to our understanding is provided without profit, and in conjunction with the fully charged external schedules of the contributors, maybe we can appreciate better the service being offered here. Take your own time Steve, you most certainly deserve it,though the humility of explaining to others what is yours by right, is touching.

Everyone needs a break at times when looking at/researching/analyzing the threats.

There is so much to look at and it takes a lot of energy and time.

Awfully kind of both of you, and very glad to know you perceive value in these pages. Thanks much.