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Happy Patriots Day

Courtesy of Jules Crittenden.

Patriots Day may be the least known American holiday, and the day most deserving of our recognition. Observed in Massachusetts and Maine only. Don窶冲 know it? It marks the day, April 19, 1775, on which Americans took up arms against their king, and bled, at the crack of terrible dawn.

Reacquaint yourself with history, recalling as you surrender 40% or more in various income taxes, that our fight for independence was begun over a 3% tax on tea.


From that I have been able to ascertain, no one is able to say with certainty who fired the first shot, and clearly it would be in either parties interest to deny such, and those responsible to sow confusion. The starts of all conflicts seem to be mired in dispute of one kind or another, from one side or another.It is near impossible to judge the claims of one versus another without loosing partiality, and pragmatic solutions are too often rejected. In Europe, as in many other regions and countries, taxes are often a source of discontent.That discontent rises when the percentage paid (no matter big or small) is not seen to lead to an overall benefit in the state of a country, at the obvious expense of the individual paying. Often such situations arise for reasons outside of misallocation of funds, as such, but because of changing economic patterns, and the mismanagement of such. In Europe (generally socialist) the prime is placed on rights to housing, health care, education , and subsistence. That this creates something of a nanny state is undeniable, and often these nanny states find difficulties redressing their balance of expenses, having promised much, being unable to withdraw previous benefit systems, and their failure to manage well within economic realities, well we all like to be optimistic sometimes. On the other hand , to be outward bound in the hope of retrieving fortune through outside conquest (of whatever nature) , which to me would seem more akin to the American stance,as opposed to outside integration, which would seem to be more of a European attribute, is , to my mind becoming ever more difficult in a world that is increasingly heavily populated, educated, informed, armed and organized. The competition can only become more fierce, unfortunately this does not necessarily lead to the those competing to become more cooperative in a constructive sense. As a populations demands increase, so does the pressure on the leaderships to provide instant and successful results, something that is very difficult without established frameworks of cooperation in all areas. To all Americans, I wish you a very happy Patriots Day, of whatever nature, tribe , ethnic grouping,or national identity you may wish to apply that to . It is within those boundaries that inter-cooperation and success seem to be at their best.

Thank you for a link to an excellant article. Nice to know I am not the only one remembering the occasion!
Please remember, though, that it wasn't the 3% tax on tea so much as the fact of the tax. The Colonists were, in fact, paying more for smuggled tea than for "legal", taxed tea, on principle. "No taxation without representation" is a saying we have all heard so much it has become almost meaningless, but, in fact, that was the crux of the issue--the Crown expected (reasonably enough) the American colonies to pay a portion of the debt incurred defending them in the French & Indian War, and the colonists objected (also reasonably enough) to having no say whatsoever in what was taxed, at what rate, or how it was collected.