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Hamas' Ceasefire: 'Gather Weapons and Ammo'

Few things last forever. Ceasefires are one of those things.

The Jerusalem Post reports that a Hamas representative, Ayman Taha from Gaza, said on the Saudi al-Arabiya television network that Hamas Hamas will stop the rocket fire but not arms smuggling in reference to the reported Egyptian-brokered tentative deal with Israel.

Ahead of Hamas's expected response to an Egyptian brokered ceasefire offer, the group's spokesman in Gaza, Ayman Taha, said that it was prepared for a gradual truce with Israel.

Taha told the Dubai-based Al-Arabiya news channel that the group will stop rocket fire if Israel stops its "aggression" and lifts the blockade imposed on the Strip.

Nevertheless, he said that Hamas would not stop arms smuggling or weapons development.

Hudna and ceasefires remain little more than re-arming and re-grouping pauses in Hamas' perpetual endeavor to destroy Israel. Until that goal and perspective changes, nothing will change.

And in reality, the goal of the destruction of Israel is not one owned by Hamas in that regard inasmuch as it is the goal shared by the many (Iran, Saudi groups et al) who fund, arm and train Hamas (et al) to be their surrogate pawns. Without the shared 'goal,' Hamas deserts them. And without them, Hamas collapses in ruin. Even if Hamas wanted to recognize Israel and abandon the aim of their destruction (which they don't), Hamas dares not walk away from the self-licking ice cream cone.

Hamas is the violent tail of the snake, not the head(s).

From the river to the sea. Yesterday, today and tomorrow. Hamas - and their various regional lifelines - can hardly be more direct about it.

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That the Hamas cause has been apropriated by others, to their own ends also, is aparent, such is the nature of complicity. Let us not forget that the finger of complicity is also being pointed towards the west (and most specificaly the US) by the opposing side,and those that follow their arguments (a large proportion of the Arab world), and that although Israel is recognized as a sovereign state, even by the UN (whose resolutions, for whatever reasons, it does not adhere to), to the eyes of the peoples displaced (and those that hold sympathy towards them), the issue is very far from settled.It is a situation to which no-one seems to hold a satisfactory answer, and any attempt to impose one, through coercion of whatever kind, seems doomed to failure, whether you are counting an apparently succesful interim as one or ten or a hundred years , makes little difference - I do not forsee the Israeli people ever winning over the hearts of their oponants, nor most of those that support them, such are the diferences, the Palestinians having lost what they cherish, time and again, it is clearly not going to be a way to teach any one anything by continuing as present either, for past resentments will be within short reach of whoever wishes to use or direct them, for a very, very long time to come.