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'G' Is For Ghabra, 'J' Is For Jihad

From The Jawa Report, a bit of simple puzzle piecing.

This will probably come as a shock to no one, but since the British press won't reveal "G's" name yet give every possible hint as to his identity, here it is: G is MOHAMMED AL GHABRA.

Under U.N. Resolution 1267 and its subsequent addendums, the Security Council:

obliged all States to freeze the assets, prevent the entry into or the transit through their territories, and prevent the direct or indirect supply, sale and transfer of arms and military equipment, technical advice, assistance or training related to military activities, with regard to the individuals and entities included on the Consolidated List.
Al Ghabra and four others had challenged the British government's ability to implement the resolution's requirements without a specific act of Parliament. They won their case.

And, for whatever reason a publicly known terrorist's name was attempted to be undisclosed, this serves as yet another reminder how Western legal systems are being employed as tools of the jihadiyun to wage their war. In this instance, they are inarguably jihadists.

In more ways than one, we know their name.

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...And 'I' is missing between the two for the final 'oe'... Still formalities are formalities, and you may be sure that the SIS and co. are taking much advantage of the fact that 'G' is hooked, but not out of the water for display, rather on a long line, to gather details that would otherwise be unavailable. Law tends to need a precedent to justify its existence, if it were preemptive, it would be unmanageable, injust, and unfoundable.