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The Fallon Fallout

ThreatsWatch readers may wish to go to The Tank on National Review Online, where I put down a few thoughts on the fallout still descending since Admiral Fallon's announcement that he intends to resign his post and retire prematurely due to 'perceptions' of differences between himself, the Administration and the Pentagon.

To be sure, Fallon's policy views surprised no one. Now, that doesn't mean that they were any more liked; but Fallon may have been quite surprised at how difficult the command of CENTCOM evolved into being.

A select few know for certain. However, the "Admiral Iran Sanity" red herring is precisely that.

You can read the rest at National Review Online.


Interesting perspective in the NRO article, Steve. But does this situation suggest that putting an Admiral in charge (of CENTCOM) wasn't a good idea in the first place?

No sir, of course not. Whatever differences there are, none of them involve arguments of employing naval v. ground forces, nor the Admiral's lack of understanding of ground operations. Any differences are all flying over at the 20,000 foot strategic view.

Are there possibly comm and minor respect issues from service to service? Perhaps, usually are to some degree. But these are quickly negotiated by professionals.

We've not digested Joint Force Operations for the past decade and a half only to arrive at a realization that an Admiral cannot lead Generals. If we have, Joint Force endeavors have failed miserably. We have not.

Personality, not policy or service-related cause of this change.