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Mind the Gap

As Jay points out this morning, our border with Mexico is about to suffer a severe manpower shortage. With the physical barrier between the US and Mexico and on-again, off-again affair and the virtual fence plagued with shortcomings, the significance of cases like this cannot be emphasized enough:

Three Afghan Muslim men caught posing as Mexican nationals last month while en route to Europe were part of a human smuggling operation and carried what now are believed to be altered but genuine Mexican passports for which they paid $10,000 each . . .

This would not be the first time terrorists or suspected terrorists have crossed the border from Mexico into the US, as Todd Bensman's reportage from Texas indicates.

You can secure nothing if you do not have control over what it is that needs protection. Border security – Mexican or Canadian – is not exclusively an immigration issue, and those that would frame it as such are well meaning but much too narrowly focused. While there are many ways to address the flow of benign people across geography who are motivated by economic factors, the futility of thinking we can negotiate with radical Islamists has been regularly demonstrated for decades. It is the latter class of border jumpers that deserves our attention and the primary reason why anything that reduces our ability to secure our sovereign territory should be thwarted.

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You can secure nothing, especially the border, if you cannot secure the documents that people use to gain access to this country. Bensman's reports make it clear that the Afganis had obtained legal, but altered, Mexican passports. This is problematic at best.