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Good Morning, Tehran

Apparently yesterday's RapidRecon is making the e-mail rounds in Tehran. (Yahoo! mail appears the favorite medium.) As night falls on Tehran, it appears Iran, Not al-Sadr, Leading Shi'a Attacks In Iraq must have struck a chord with our friends who like to kill us.

Good morning, boys.


Well, Steve, it must be gratifying to know you hit a nerve.

Congratulations and keep swinging! If enough people start listening, their nerves might not be the only thing that gets hit.

(I wonder what happens to al Sadr when he is no longer useful to his Iranian masters. Martyrdom?)

Well, John, there's really no way of knowing exactly who in Tehran set eyes in here from Yahoo! mail accounts. It could have been good guys who would otherwise be friends but not for the Iron Veil the regime has constructed around its people. Or not. But one should hope. No one knows but they. I was perhaps feeling a bit squirrelly that morning when I posted this.

My assumptions should be taken with a grain of salt.

As an aside, 'swinging' is all I can do, and we must do all we can. So swing I will.

Many thanks.

Steve, not to make too big an issue of it, but don't sell your efforts short. There is a real information war taking place, and you are making direct hits in that conflict. I'm sure its frustrating to pursue this and not see much movement on our side. However, there is more buzz about Iran's direct involvement now than previously. And for every "me" that writes, there are many more who got the message.

I also think the more Iranians who are aware of the truth, the better position we are in to take action.

In one case we are an aggressor unifying their people. But if the Iranian people think their leadership has brought it upon them, maybe we aren't the bad guys (so much) if it comes to us punching back.