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Fatah MP Mourns at Yeshiva Massacre Mastermind's Mourning Tent

Aaron Klein reports from Jerusalem that a representative of Mahmoud Abbas' Palestinian Authority was at the mourning tent for the killed terrorist suspected of planning the Mercaz Harav Yeshiva massacre in Jerusalem. A member of the Fatah Legislative Council, Qadura Fares, went so far as to insist that Muhammad Shehadi was without doubt Fatah and not Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

JERUSALEM – An official delegation from Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah organization this weekend visited the mourning tent of a senior Fatah terrorist accused by security officials here of planning the Jerusalem seminary shooting massacre two weeks ago in which eight students were killed.
The terrorist, Muhammad Shehadi, was eliminated in Bethlehem in an Israeli anti-terror operation last Thursday. The Israeli media has been portraying Shehadi as a senior leader from the Iranian-backed Islamic Jihad terrorist organization even though Shehadi is a well-known Fatah activist.

"Of course he was Fatah," PA minister and Fatah Legislative Council member Qadura Fares told WND. "We were even in jail together as Fatah members."

Fares was among a delegation of eight other Fatah members who visited the Shehadi family's mourning tent in Bethlehem. Others included Kamal Hassouneh the PA Economic Minister, and Azzam el-Ahmad, a PA parliament member and a member of Fatah's Revolutionary Council. Fadwa Barghouti, wife of imprisoned Fatah leader and intifada architect Marwan Barghouti, was also present.

Abbas has come under fire and viewed with increasing doubt not only for his inability to effectively control Hamas in the West Bank, but also for claims of his own Fatah's continued complicity in terror attacks on Israelis while The Olmert government and the West rely on him as the only available peace partner. This gives great credence to those concerns.

Readers may be wary of WND as a source for their reputation of being over-the-top. Be that as it may, do not apply that label to the work of Aaron Klein, perhaps the journalist with more direct access to terrorists in the Palestinian Territories than any other source or news agency. No matter what one thinks of WND, Aaron Klein's work stands on its own merits.