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DOD Looks at PRC Cyber Activity

This is not new:

China in the last year has developed ways to infiltrate and manipulate computer networks around the world in what U.S. defense officials conclude is a new and potentially dangerous military capability, according to a Pentagon report issued Monday.

In addition, computer intrusions in Germany, apparently by Chinese hackers, occur daily, along with infiltrations in France and Britain, the Pentagon said. Last year, British intelligence officials alerted financial institutions across the country that they were targets of "state-sponsored computer network exploitation" from China.

But this, refreshingly, is:

Computer network intrusions at the Pentagon and other U.S. agencies, think tanks and government contractors last year "appeared to originate" in China, according to the report.

For those not technically oriented, the idea that a computer probe from a Chinese network must be Chinese is roughly akin to saying that every car traveling west to east across the US must have just come from California. A skilled cyber operator who lives across the street from you can make it look like he is coming from China or Chile or Chad.

The discriminating factor in all such articles is not point of origin, but capability: can the nation alleged to have stolen sensitive data make use of it in some fashion? As noted previously, probes and attacks from nations who are no where near "near peer" status to the US are unlikely to be the true perpetrators of such activity. That's why we worry about China.