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'But We Didn't Know Saddam Arranged It'

We now learn that Saddam Hussein's IIS intelligence service arranged the 2002 trip to Iraq for three US Congressmen, each Democrats openly seeking to undermine the Bush Administration's efforts to disarm - by force if necessary - Saddam Hussein, who was rightly believed to be involved in international terrorism. Now they collectively claim that they did not know that Iraq's intelligence service arranged for their trip.

No excuses. The End.

The three - and their other colleagues - knew precisely what kind of individual and regime they were dealing with. They knew that their trip was intended to ultimately assist Hussein by going against their American President. No more talk of somehow being able to do things counter to the President of the United States without those actions simultaneously being of benefit to the enemy, be it Hussein, Bashar Assad and his Syrian regime or Ahmadinejad and the rest of the Iranian regime.

One cannot claim to be wise in the ways of nuance - if any of these elected officials' words and actions are to be interpreted as routinely transmitted - and then turn around and claim ignorance to the fact that the Iraqi regime was all for what they were doing. For it to the point of making their trip happen, such a media coup it was for the self-professed enemy of America.

The same applies to elected officials (and any others) who insist on 'diplomatic' junkets to have tea with the dictatorial leaders of states whom the official US policy includes no diplomatic ties. The congressional trip to Syria to meet with Bashar Assad is another prime example.

No excuses. None. You know what you were/are doing. Don't act surprised when you learn their intelligence services are busy arranging and facilitating your aid to them.

It is one thing to disagree with one's president and his policies. It's also one thing to have internal and public debate - even heated and passionate. But it is another to travel to the home of the enemy - regardless the course of action you argue for at home - and surrender a media and propaganda coup to those who are our enemies.

There is responsible dissent and conduct and there is irresponsible dissent and conduct. Representative Jim McDermott (D-WA), Representative Mike Thompson (D-CA), and former Representative David E. Bonior (D-MI) either did not know the difference or did not care.

If these three are shocked at the revelations about their irresponsible dissent and conduct, they are either disingenuous or far too naive to be embarking on international diplomatic junkets rubbing elbows with the enemies of America.

Neither is acceptable. At all.


Didn’t I see a photo of Rummy shaking hands with Sadam Hussein?

Yes, but as a special envoy of the President (the Executive and not the Legislative branch of the gov't being responsible for diplomacy) Uncle Sam paid for that trip.

Groundbreaking. The Iraqi government was involved in a diplomatic trip to Iraq well stop the presses!! Next we'll find that the US government has been paying Chalabi hundreds of thousands of dollars a month - oh wait we already know that and no-one cares.

I remember this time in history. I remember listening to Bush and Saddam and thinking well they are telling opposite stories so one of them is obviously lying. I really didn't think it was Bush at the time, but live and learn.

Thank god their diplomatic effort failed to avert this wonderfully successful war - while I hate seeing our military decimated, our economy on the brink of callapse, our reputation drug through the mud and our soldiers dying I'm glad Bush is getting his war profits to reward his lies.

Seriously, can we get some kind of relevant news about current events, or are we still trying to smokescreen this whole "no real reason for invading Iraq" thing?

Again, if the Iraqi government wanted to initiate a diplomatic mission, it would have invited US diplomats. That is reached out to friendly US legislators through a back door and paid for it with intelligence funds is as clear an indication as any that they were not interested in diplomacy, but propaganda.

The absolute insanity of this story is that Saddam was able to use one of our own to advance his initiatives and goals. We already know he was a genocidal dictator who did not value his people, so why would anyone believe that in Iraq we would find anything other than evidence of these atrocities? There was no need to spend money to assist this in a hunt that is only politically motivated like this.