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Al-Qaeda's Ongoing European Jihad

Olivier Guitta reminds in the Middle East Times that Europe, is very much on al-Qaeda's radar.

But the real challenge for AQIM is how to inflict massive damage in Europe. Zawahiri has frequently instructed them to do so. In order to keep its credibility alive and please its "masters," AQIM has been trying hard to orchestrate a terror attack on the continent. At the end of last year, the level of "chatter" increased dramatically, and has continued unabated through January. France, in particular has been specifically threatened. This led for the first time to the cancellation of the very popular Paris-Dakar motor rally and also compelled Belgian authorities to cancel the New Year's Eve fireworks in Brussels. Today, al-Qaida threats seem even more imminent and European security services are on high alert.

For a bit of background, consider the following resources on al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) - formerly GSPC - and European threats:

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Also, we spoke to Olivier Guitta in 2007 regarding the al-Qaeda threat within and to Europe in one of our first FireWatch podcasts. You can listen to the discussion with Guitta here:

FireWatch: Jihad In Europe (2007 Audio)